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This is your local Beet Reporter here to tell you to Pick A Carrot.
Pick a carrot
Pick A Carrot is a customized search engine dedicated to improving your seed-buying experience. This simple search tool helps you easily find varieties and price compare dozens of catalogs at one time. And for Organic Growers, it has a dedicated Organic Search tool to search exclusively for organic varieties.

Beet Reporters dig deep into the essence of a story right at the root of the issue being researched.  It is the craft of in-depth reporting on a specialized topic, sector, organization, vegetable, fruit, plant, farmer, farm, chef, or restaurant over time.  Beet reporters build up a strong knowledge of a topic through experiential learning and conversation, completely immersing themselves in the subject.

Author: Alvie Fourness

At the heart of Wooleylot Farm is the garlic (allium sativa) the freshest, most local cloves. We started growing garlic a few years ago and realized quickly that “it grows pretty well in Potter County and… people like it.

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