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Le Centre de Confit

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Did we start a cooking trend? Maybe so. “The confit rage is upon us! Seems like every time we look at a cooking show on T.V. there’s someone doing a confit. Looks like Coudersport is confit central.” says Butch Davis.

We heard back from our guest chefs and this is what they had to say about our Chef At The Market event:

herb fest 069 cropI’m hoping that each of you gets this reply to all, if not, please forward it along to everyone in the group,OK. First off, Leslie, Colin, and I want to express our thanks to all of you who helped make this such a success! We knew it would work, but weren’t certain just how smoothly it did. We and you all worked our tails off to make it happen, and happen smoothly and without any major glitches. In the culinary world, that’s a major win. You would be surprised just how easily you can get way off into the weeds and how fast it all happens. With all of your support, it didn’t happen, and we all have a better idea as to what makes it work, and how to make it better.

    We all had a ball doing it, and were pretty tired out afterward, but it was a satisfying fatigue, the kind you  can sit back and reflect on and enjoy. Let us know when you want us to plan another demo, and we’ll plan it, cook it and take our show on the road and perform it again with gladness.”  Sincerely, Butch, Leslie and Chef Colin

What else is new as the market season draws to a close? Well here’s some more news to pass along from Chef Davis:

“Colin, Executive Chef Chad, who you haven’t as yet met, and myself were selected to do a exhibition at the PA Farm Show in January! Thanks in large part to all of you, and a special thanks to Alvie Fourness, for putting us all together.

    We are going to be doing our show during the prime afternoon hours at either 3:00 0r 4:00 opening day, Saturday January 4, 2014. There will be more discussion on the time and the menu/product to be featured. Our contact person is out of the country until the 21st of this month and I’ll have further knowledge after then, and will keep all of you posted. As of now, we’re being told that each day brings forward a PA Preferred and produced product, and Saturdays feature will be Mushrooms. I hope to see some if not all of you there to share my joy and elation at being part of the largest indoor farm show in the nation, and if you can’t be there in person, I know you will be in spirit.
    Again, we extent to all of you our thanks, as this wouldn’t have been made possible without all of your hard work and support getting this off the ground.”
Well we’ll leave it there as that’s all we have to report for now. See you all, on the square for the Falling Leaves Festival this Friday and Saturday.

Author: Alvie Fourness

At the heart of Wooleylot Farm is the garlic (allium sativa) the freshest, most local cloves. We started growing garlic a few years ago and realized quickly that “it grows pretty well in Potter County and… people like it.

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  1. We would like to inform the group that our wonderful guest chefs — Butch, Colin and Chad will not be cooking at the 2014 PA Farm Show. It turns out that the Farm Show Culinary Connections program did not fit well with their expectations. As you know, the PA Farm Show is a high profile celebrity-styled event. And as you also know, our chefs are certainly talented enough to make a great demonstration at any venue. But unfortunately for this event, the chefs preferences toward their idea of a cooking demonstration and that which was offered by the PA Farm Show did not work out.

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