Potter County Farmers Market

Your information source for the Potter County Farmers Market

Eat Local, Buy Local, Be Local

Get you know your farmer!  The Potter County Farmers Market, located on the courthouse square in downtown Coudersport, is your source for LOCALLY-grown, farm fresh products.

Why should you become a locavore? 

  • Produce starts losing vitamins and minerals soon after it is picked!  Local produce can go from the field to your plate in the same day!
  • Reduce your carbon footprint! The average grocery store produce travels over 1,500 miles before it lands on your plate.  That’s a lot of fuel!
  • Support family farms!  By supporting them, you are supporting yourself.  Money spent at your local farm market stays in the community and benefits other local businesses as well.
  • It just tastes better!

Organic… Sustainable… Naturally Grown… What do all these terms mean?  Should they matter to you?  Why not ask the farmer that is growing your food?  By supporting local farmer’s markets, you can ask how your food was grown, what chemicals if any were used on it, and might even get some tips on how to prepare it.

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